No matter where you do business, ONLINE, IN-STORE, PHONE or MAIL ORDER, choose a partner with the expertise to help you navigate the complex minefield of credit card processing as well as the freedom to help you select the right processor for your needs.

With SalesHEAD, you get an INDEPENDENT company sitting on your side of the table helping you make more informed decisions for your business.  As an Authorized Business Partner of several high quality card processing companies, we work on our customer's behalf to provide quality equipment, services and support backed by the most robust security protocols in the business. 


In-store card terminals

Getting what you paid for is great, but wouldn't it be nice to get without paying at all?  SalesHEAD offers the latest technology in credit card terminals all at no cost to our customers! 

Choose from a variety of terminal options, all EMV (chip card) compliant and never again worry about an equipment lease or rental payment, buyout or early termination fee. 

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Cash discount terminals

Are you tired of footing the bill for your customers points and rewards programs?  Join the "merchant revolution" and begin enjoying the benefit of our Cash Discount Program!  With Cash Discount, we help you promote the use of Checks and Cash by charging your customers directly for some or most of the traditional fees incurred when accepting card payments. 

With Cash Discount, we help merchants recover up to 95% of their credit card processing fees!  After all, why should you pay for 2% to 3% or more for someone else to get reward points?  Read more about CASH DISCOUNT HERE.

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smart terminals

Isn't it time to dump those old cash registers?  The world’s first smart terminal has created a standard for an impeccable payments experience for merchants and customers. 

With the POYNT Smart Terminal, merchants are able to choose how to best use the system.  Want to keep things mostly like they are today, use the POYNT like a traditional credit card reader.  Ready to drop in your menu or inventory, the POYNT Smart Terminal turns into a Point of Sale System ready to help you simplify your business.



If your business takes you out of the office, then phoneSWIPE Mobile is the solution for you!  With phoneSWIPE, you can collect customer payments anywhere and everywhere using a variety of devices.  Smart phones, Ipads, tablets, we have the technology to ensure that you get paid whenever and where every you do business.

  • Pay as you go pricing means NO contracts, NO monthly fees and NO per transaction charges. You will only pay 2.69% for all swiped (card present) transactions.

  • Next day funding ensures that your money is in your bank account 1 day from the time of the transaction.

  • FREE Blue-tooth Card Reader and App


If your customers prefer to make payments by phone or mail, our Virtual Terminal is the solution for you.  Submit transactions manually by entering payment details into our online Virtual Terminal. This feature is ideal for merchants who take mail or telephone orders from their customers.

If online payments is what you need, our Authorize.Net Payment Gateway account allows you to accept credit cards and electronic checks from websites and deposit funds automatically into your merchant bank account. Our solutions are designed to save time and money for small- to medium-sized businesses.


Local has it's perks! 

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